1. How cold is liquid nitrogen?


  2. Why is Nitro Magic’s Ice Cream so creamy?

    When we decided to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen we discovered that very few ice crystals form during the freezing process. The result is an ultra smooth and creamy ice cream. Less ice crystals meant creamier, better tasting ice cream.

  3. Is it safe to eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

    Absolutely! Did you know that Nitrogen makes up approximately 78% of the air you breathe? When we make our delicious ice cream the liquid nitrogen instantly boils and returns to its natural gaseous state leaving behind the best tasting ice cream ever made.

  4. Can I customize my ice cream?

    We challenge you to come up with a flavor of ice cream that we can not make! You can pick from any combination of flavors and mix-ins. If we do not have the flavor you are looking for we will do everything we can to get it for you in time for your special event. The sky is the limit on what you want to create.