James Szefler Jr.

OWNER/PRESIDENT/CEO of Nitro Magic & OWNER/OPERATOR of Buffalo, NY Franchise

The first time I tried ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, I couldn't believe my eyes, or my taste buds!

So when the founder and creator of Nitro Magic Ice Cream offered me a chance to be a part of this culinary magic, I embraced the opportunity.  I love the idea of combining entertainment and science with fresh ice cream. The wonder that follows this delicious experience is what made me want to become more involved in this innovative scoop. I never grow tired of hearing, "How does it work?" and "What makes it taste sooo good?!"

I truly enjoy entertaining and educating people about Nitro Magic while dazzling their senses and turning their celebrations into savory memories. My love of ice cream, flare for socializing, and commitment to family makes the perfect recipe for this new adventure, an ice cream extravaganza like no other!

Richard Keehn

OWNER/OPERATOR of sarasota, florida Franchise


We first discovered nitrogen ice cream while living in central Florida. And the moment we saw and tasted it, we knew we wanted to bring this wonderful flavor to the masses. Upon returning to our home in Colorado, we discovered Nitro Magic Ice Cream and its founder, Bruce.  It was immediately a Hand-in-Glove relationship. There’s nothing cooler than nitrogen ice cream, and now, as the proud and joyful owners of Nitro Magic in Sarasota Florida, we feel blessed every day to be able to share the one-of-a-kind Nitro Magic experience.